UYAR S 150 ProfiLine Kebab Slicer

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The new UYAR S 150 ProfiLine kebab slicer with a classic straight handle and an 80 mm circular knife blade offers an optimal price-performance ratio compared to identical kebab slicers. > Comparative table It is suitable for professionally cutting gyros, kebabs, chicken kebabs, turkey kebabs and shoarma. The best choice with a daily cutting capacity of up to 90 kg.
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  • Circular Knife ø 80 mm ProfiCut
    The hardened high-end circular knife with Teflon coating impresses with durability and precision.
  • Transformer Power Supply
    Our transformer power supply is one of the most robust and fail-safe on the market.
  • Highspeed DC Motor
    A Highspeed DC Motor with a constant power supply ensures powerful clean cutting.
  • 100% waterproof
    Expensive equipment failures due to the penetration of grease and water are avoided.
  • Wear-free high-tech lever switch with magnetic technology
    The ergonomic positioning of the wear-free high-tech lever switch with magnetic technology ensures safe and easy handling.
  • XLR Plug
    This plug allows the kebab knife to be cleaned separately by removing the power cord.
  • Extremely light, quiet and yet very robust
    These properties can only be realized through high-precision CNC production parts from our own production. The knife is extremely handy and is designed for continuous professional use.
  • Hygienic Design
    The hygienic design with reduced corners and edges allows easy and hygienic cleaning.
  • Made in Germany
    Our high-tech knives are manufactured by UYAR Technology Center which is located in Künsebeck near Halle Westfalen (Germany).

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Technical specifications

Daily capacity 90 kg
Blade diameter Ø 80 mm
Full load speed 7000 rpm
Stepless cutting adjustment 0 - 10 mm
Cable with plug 2,2 m
Weight (without cable) 930 g
Safety transformer
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Power Output 94 W / 22 V DC
Operation Manual Operation Manual download
Comparative Table Comparative Table download
Spare part drawing Spare part drawing download

Scope of delivery

  • Hand cutter device UYAR S 150 ProfiLine
  • Transformer Power supply 230V / 50 - 60 Hz
  • Power Cord
  • Circular blade Smooth Ø 80 mm ProfiCut (2x)
  • Sharpening tool
  • Grease syringe
  • Locking pin for easy blade changing, Grub screw, Allen key and replacement fuse
  • Operation Manual
Shipping service Package
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 320 mm x 295 mm x 185 mm
Weight 4,8 kg
Scope of delivery UYAR S 150 Plus ProfiLine


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  • CAUTION! UYAR circular knives have a very high quality standard and it is therefore not recommended to use circular knives from other brands for UYAR gyros/kebab knives. Circular knives from other manufacturers usually have major quality defects, which can lead to the gyros/kebab knife being defective. If other brands of circular knives are used, the guarantee will be void!