UYAR® Kebab Slicer

The perfect cut with UYAR® kebab slicer

Discover the world of UYAR® kebab knives, your reliable partner since 2005. We develop Kebab slicer especially for continuous use. Our globally successful S Class models are the epitome of quality and precision. We offer a wide range of high quality doner kebab knives, also known as gyro knives, to meet your needs and provide professional cutting of gyros, doner kebabs, chicken kebabs, turkey kebabs and shoarma.

Our electric doner knives come in a variety of models including straight handles, angled handles and pistol grips to best suit your individual preferences. These come in a variety of blade sizes including 80mm, 90mm and 120mm. You can choose from different power levels (daily capacities) to ensure you get the perfect tool for your needs.