Please note!
For reasons of hygiene, we ask you to clean the devices thoroughly before handing them over to us. Otherwise we will have to charge you an additional administration fee of €29.99.

Repair service

Repair work on all UYAR kebab slicers and also on S-Class models built between 2007 and 2022, which were manufactured by UYAR for POTIS GmbH & Co. KG. Repairs directly from the manufacturer by UYAR service experts with UYAR original parts.

Service times and repair assumptions on site
Mon.-Fri. 09:00-15:00

Contact UYAR Service
+49 (0) 5201 97180 - 20

Please have your serial number or customer number ready.

Product diagnosis

Our service experts will perform a full inspection and diagnosis to determine if repair or replacement parts are required. If your product is covered under warranty, all repairs and replacement parts are free of charge to you. If the kebab slicer is no longer under warranty, you will be given an offer for the repair costs.

  • Estimated processing time: 2-3 business days (plus transport times)
  • Review fee €29.99

If you only want a review initially, we will charge a flat rate for the review. This does not apply if you decide to have it repaired. The complete price for the repair order will then be calculated. If you decide to purchase a new device, the sum of the inspection fee will be credited to you as a discount for the new device.

Advantages of the UYAR-Service

  • Fair repair costs that are calculated from the actual effort
  • Checking the functions and electrical safety of the kebab slicer
  • Repairs are only carried out with UYAR original parts
  • You will receive a binding cost estimate - so you know the costs for the repair right from the start
  • Fast repairs - so you can use your product again within a very short time
  • 6 months warranty on replaced spare parts


Contact UYAR-Service before sending a device to us for repair. Please have the serial number (see graphic below) of your device ready. The UYAR-Service will immediately tell you how to proceed in your specific case.

Repair of older models

Even after a model change, we can continue to repair your UYAR kebab slicer. After the production of a kebab knife has ended, we will offer all spare parts for the model for at least another 10 years. In addition, in most cases we can continue to carry out repairs for many years to come. If your device can no longer be repaired, as a UYAR customer you can benefit from our offers for new devices.